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It is essential to ensure your car is well maintained and serviced regularly. Many problems can go undiagnosed until it is too late. This is why a service is so important. We check the fluid levels, spark plugs and brakes, among other areas, to make sure any issues are noted quickly and repaired or replaced. Our fully qualified mechanics will perform your vehicle servicing. They know how important it is to have a roadworthy and safe car for you and your passengers.

Carlton Cars in Nottingham offers you a quality, honest and a friendly service. When you need servicing in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, you can trust us to make sure your vehicle is ready to face your journey ahead. We offer affordable, honest and practical advice and will only replace the items that your vehicle requires. Keeping your maintenance costs down is best achieved by getting your car serviced annually, or at manufacturer’s recommended frequency. This will also keep your car on the road for longer. During a service, we will complete all standard checks, including oil check, filters, belts, tyre pressure and more.

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Unlike a MOT test, which is mostly checking for safety, servicing covers any parts of the car which may soon be in need of repair. Also, it’s for any manufacturer’s guidance, such as replacing a cam belt when the car reaches a certain age or mileage. Catching any issues during a service will reduce the risk of any faults occurring when you are on the road. This may not only be dangerous but potentially more costly. Another great benefit is a potential increase in the resale value of your vehicle. If you’ve had regular servicing recorded in the servicing history this shows that due care and attention has been given to the car and that any potential issues have been highlighted and addressed. At Carlton Cars in Nottingham, we offer a choice of vehicle servicing schedules in accordance to your vehicle manufacturer

All the items replaced in our services are to original equipment standards. So, bringing your car to Carlton Cars won’t affect your manufacturer warranty if you’ve recently purchased a brand new car. Ask about Carlton Cars popular combined car service and MOT test package. Many of the items covered in both the MOT test and annual service. For instance, if you may choose to have your full annual service carried out at the same time as your annual MOT test. If this is the case, then we are able to reduce the price of the MOT giving you a substantial saving. Many car owners are fully aware that a car’s engine has hundreds of moving parts. And all of these parts rely on engine oil to provide the lubrication necessary for them to work properly.

When conventional motor oil starts to lose its lubricating ability, it often burns off and becomes thicker. This sludge compromises the oil’s ability to lubricate finely machined engine parts. This causes these parts to come in contact and produce engine wear through friction. Eventually, oil can stop lubricating moving parts if it isn’t changed in a timely matter. Car owners should always follow their vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals. The owner’s manual, manufacturer or dealership websites can notify you of this.

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