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Perhaps one of the most important tests that needs to be performed on your vehicle every year is your MOT.

MOTs are a legal requirement which requires being carried out every year for cars over three years old. They need to have this check to make sure they are roadworthy and meet the environmental standards set by the government. Without this test, your vehicle insurance will become invalid as your car may not be safe to be on the road. Carlton Car Servicing offers an affordable MOT to check your vehicle and ensure it meets the required standards. At Carlton Car Servicing, we want you to be happy with the service. So, if your vehicle fails its MOT, we will give you a full and clear explanation. We’ll show you the problems and explain the requirements to pass.

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We will issue a notice for advised changes and will talk through them if you wish. At Carlton Cars in Nottingham, we can provide MOT Testing for your vehicle at your convenience. Our while-you-wait service allows you to wait for your vehicle to be tested in the comfort of our waiting area. If your MOT has expired we will endeavour to fit you in at short notice. Bear in mind, the MOT test is not the same as having your vehicle serviced and it does not check the general mechanical condition of the car.

You will then need to renew your MOT before it expires, with the earliest renewal date being one month before it expires. The expiry date is printed on the pass certificate. If your MOT has expired, you cannot drive your vehicle on the road. If you are caught, you could be prosecuted, with the exception of if you have already booked a MOT and are driving to the test centre. Once the test inspector has gone through their checklist, if your vehicle passes its MOT test, you will be awarded a MOT certificate. Your test record pass or fail will also be entered onto the secure central MOT database at DVLA. If your vehicle fails a MOT test, you will get a notification of failure from the test centre. It will also be recorded in the secure central MOT database.

If necessary, you should also be informed of what mechanical faults need addressing if necessary. We will also notify you on the cost to fix or replace theses parts so you can arrange for a mechanic to get the work done. You will still be able to drive your vehicle if it fails the MOT test. But only providing that its current MOT certificate is still valid. However, prosecution may occur if stopped by police if the vehicle is considered not roadworthy. Government-registered MOT testing centres is the only place you can go for your MOT. The MOT tester doing the MOT will be a registered and qualified to perform the test correctly. A MOT does not need to be done on the exact registration date of the vehicle. The date for your MOT can be arranged up to one month before its due. It will automatically be dated forwards so that you get a full year’s MOT.

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