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When the weather gets hot outside, making sure it stays cool and comfortable inside your car becomes a priority. This is especially the case when there are children or pets in the car. Performing a service every 18 months to 2 years is the best way to reduce the probability of your car air conditioning system breaking down. This is because most air con repairs can be very costly. We at Carlton Cars carry out all air conditioning regas and repairs on site. In the winter, poor air conditioning can result in steamed up windows that are hard to clear. In the summer, it can lead to a stuffy environment inside your vehicle. Poor air conditioning can also result in bad smells from your air vents and can have an adverse effect on your mileage.

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Our expert technicians can provide a full service and re-gas of the air conditioning in your vehicle. An air-con system that has not been fully charged will be less effective. Therefore, it will have to work harder and put extra strain on the engine. This will lead to your car using more fuel and giving lower miles per gallon. Carlton Car’s expert air-con diagnostic technician will ensure your air-con system is back up to scratch and as cold as it should be. We can also carry out a full clean of the system which will help remove any bacteria that has built up within the system. This will remove any unpleasant odors that are being emitted from your air-con system.

If you have an aircon problem arise unexpectedly then think back to see if some other work on the car could have caused it. As aircon also conditions the air, the ability to remove the moisture from the air coming into the car on really muggy days. To achieve a comfortable atmosphere within the car, perhaps in conjunction with the heater control – the AC button will control the relative humidity and the heater if needed. It will control the temperature leaving you free to enjoy the warmth without being stuffy.

We genuinely believe that it will be cheaper for you to have a poorly performing air conditioning seen to by a specialist at Calton Car Servicing. This is better than to simply have the car gassed up by the cheapest method available and often then have to go to a specialist once the refrigerant has escaped. If a fault is discovered we can usually make a repair to many faulty components or air conditioning hose rather than resort to a wholly new part fitted by a main agent. If a new part is required we have access to many new parts at considerably lower cost than from most other suppliers. Our engineers bring with them a wealth of expertise in the vehicle air conditioning industry, together with a working practice in the car mechanical servicing area. With a strong focus on customer services, we have worked long and hard to earn the confidence of our customers.

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